Atelier Schemes for Vim

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  • Apr 06, 2015

This is an unofficial theme and can break the functionality of Vim


Atelier Schemes are 10 colorschemes for many different platforms, not just for Vim. For more information go to Atelier Schemes on Github
For the construction of these colorschemes, Solarized colorscheme stood as a model, and Base16 Builder was a building tool.
Like in Solarized, the colorschemes come in a light – and in a dark background version. It’s really just variations on the same idea, but each with it’s own color-value relations, interdependent on each other and their base (background-)color.
In the repo you can find all the files in the output folder
There you can find these colorschemes for: Atom, Bbedit, ChromeDevtools, CodeMirror, Console2, Emacs, Geany, Gedit, Gimp-palette, Gnome-termina, Highlight.js, iTerm2, Mintty, Mou, Notepad++, Prism, Putty, Rouge, Secure-shell, Shell, Sublime Text, Terminal-app, Textadept, Textmate, Vim, Visual-studio, Windows-command-prompt, Xcode4, Xfce4-terminal, Xresources.

For Vim with Pathogen you can clone the dedicated repo for this purpose in the ~/.vim/bundle directory like so:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

Note: For Sublime Text, go to Textmate folder, or download a zip-file with all files directly