Atelier Schemes

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  • Aug 15, 2013

This is an unofficial theme and can break the functionality of Sublime Text 2


These are Five colorschemes for many different platforms, not just for Sublime Text.
For the construction of these colorschemes, Solarized colorscheme stood as a model, and Base16 Builder was a building tool.
Like in Solarized, the colorschemes come in a light – and in a dark background version. It’s really just variations on the same idea, but each with it’s own color-value relations, interdependent on each other and their base (background-)color.
In the repo you can find all the files in the output folder
There you can find these colorschemes for: Bbedit, ChromeDevtools, CodeMirror, Console2, Emacs, Geany, Gedit, Gimp-palette, Gnome-termina, Highlight.js, iTerm2, Mintty, Mou, Notepad++, Putty, Rouge, Secure-shell, Shell, Sublime Text, Terminal-app, Textadept, Textmate, Vim, Visual-studio, Windows-command-prompt, Xcode4, Xfce4-terminal, Xresources.
Note: For Sublime Text, go to Textmate folder.