DobDark Theme

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  • Nov 07, 2012

This is an unofficial theme and can break the functionality of Sublime Text 2


This colour scheme has been designed for clarity with vibrant highlights and cool greys. Colours have been carefully picked and tweaked to offer good contrast between elements. It also has a couple of interesting ideas that might appeal to markup authors in particular: 1. Highlighting for markup such as HTML and XML subtly brings to the fore the actual content of the elements, rather than the tags themselves. Attribute values, which could also be considered a form of content, have more prominence than tags. The tags themselves are styled with a neutral grey which, while being perfectly legible, can be easily ignored if you're focusing on content. The result is a hierarchy of highlighting that makes it much easier to read markup. 2. Comments are given less prominence. They fade into the background through use of a low-contrast grey. This subtly reduces the noise comments can sometimes cause, but still enables the comments to be easily looked at when you want to. DobDark looks great with dark Sublime UI themes such as Soda Dark and Nil. It also comes with great support for Markdown and reStructuredText highlighting, plus the SublimeLinter and Bracket Highlighter packages.